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Design Resources -

The Franklin Report - Chicago  - by Eliz. Franklin
Soft cover, 308 pgs., Publisher: Allgood Press

Regional Directory Rates Architects, Contractors, etc.
Susan Grant received an EXCELLENT rating in this guide. Collection of customer testimonials for residential design and construction service providers. Good resource for SMALL projects. We recommend you hire a licensed architect if work value exceeds $10K. Good Resource if you don't have personal referrals but are looking for a designer or contractor. A New York City Franklin Report is also available. The BEST method for finding reliable, quality contractors, however, is by personal referral or through your Architect.

The Chicago Home Book
Hardback, 6th ed., Publisher: The Ashley Group/ Cahners
Hardback, 4th ed. Special Sale Price to Move !

Regional Directory of Architects, Contractors, etc.
Good resource for finding experienced Architects, Builders, Landscapers, & construction specialists. We recommend you hire a licensed architect if expected work value exceeds $10K. Has photos of work done by each firm. Los Angeles & New York Home Books are also available. The BEST method for finding reliable, quality contractors, however, is by personal referral or through your Architect. Susan Grant was featured in the Home Book, 4th ed. [ Category: Books]


Dwell Magazine
Magazine Subscription - 1 year

Excellent Resource For Persons Building A Home - Dwell proves that quality and good design need not be expensive. A solid resource for those who do not want one of the drab, poorly designed & engineered developer tract homes that are now so commonplace. Dwell showcases people (and home owners) who build stylishly affordable homes. If you prefer pedestrian drab, Dwell is not for you. Award winning magazine.


Home Repair Manual-
Better Homes & Gardens' Guide for Home Owners - Every Home Owner Should Own this Book !!!

Excellent Resource For Common Home Repair & Improvement - Provides very good descriptions AND diagrams/drawings for"How-To" make common household repairs. Easy to Follow. Replace/repair a faucet. Add insulation to an attic. Adding an alarm system. Making Cabinets. Common Heating/Furnace maintenance. Landscape projects. Very good resource for the do-it-yourselfer for more common home improvement projects, repairs, etc. Also a good source for understanding how home systems (heating/cooling, insulation, electrical, plumbing etc.) work. Provides basic, common information. Not intended for special, complex or major repair situations. Property Owners should always seek professional advice and help on major repair items.


Students - Recommended Reading for Students

Architect? A Candid Guide to the Profession  - by Roger K. Lewis
Hardback, 304 pgs., Publisher: MIT Press

Students - Read More about the Architecture Profession.
Especially Good Resource for students trying to decide if they should major in Architecture in College, or for those looking to attend an architecture school. Frank discussion on the profession and what to expect - both in school and after graduation. Recommended for students contemplating a career in architecture.


So You Want To Be an Architect ?

NCARB's Introductory Info pages for Students considering the Architecture Profession. Discusses curriculum and educational requirements for students looking to pursue a career in architecture. National Council of Architectural Registration Boards []. NCARB is the National Governing Agency which sets the standards for the licensing and regulation of Architects.


Architectural Graphics  - by Francis D.K. Ching
Soft cover, 215 pgs., Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Students - Excellent Reference Book on Drafting Standards, Architectural Graphics & Techniques.
A solid How-To Drafting & Presentation Reference for all those who draft. Covers fundamentals of manual Drafting mostly. However, CAD users should note, this reference book is not merely for beginning and manual drafting. The reference book covers Drafting & Graphics conventions which apply to CAD use as well. After all, design, layout and graphics do matter. This book should be a standard reference for all students in architecture, interior design and their related disciplines.

Portfolio Design  - by Harold Linton & Steven Rost
176 pgs., 3rd Ed., Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co.

Students/ Design School Applicants & Graduates - Excellent Reference Book on How-To Put Together a Portfolio..
A solid Reference for all those who need to put together a portfolio of graphic, art or design work. Excellent book for those applying to Architecture, Art and Design schools. This book should be a standard reference for all students in architecture, interior design, visual arts, and their related disciplines. Important information for architecture & interior design job applicants. Book is NOT just for students, but for anyone who needs a portfolio to display their work. Having a nicely executed portfolio will increase your job & sales opportunities.


Architectural Graphic Standards, Student Edition - AIA, Ramsey & Sleeper - 9th ed. (abridged version)
Soft cover, 553 pgs., Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Students - Excellent Technical Reference Book for Students
The Standard in Technical (generalist) information for architects. This abridged version is a beginning reference book for Students. Has common construction details, design data, and technical information. The unabridged version of Graphic Standards is the standard reference book used in most American Architecture offices. Book also covers Drafting & Presentation. This book should be a standard reference for all students in architecture and its related disciplines.


General Architecture - For Architecture Enthusiasts & Students

Building Construction Illustrated, 3rd Ed.  - by Francis D. Ching
Soft cover, 464 pgs., Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Classic visual guide to the basics of building construction. Good Resource for students and architecture enthusiasts looking to understand how basic structures are put together. Excellent 2D &3D graphics and architectural illustrations. Reference book used by most architecture students and many practicing architects. Technical information in this reference is more accessible to the beginning architecture student than the "Graphic Standards, Student Ed." book. An excellent book for Interior Design Students too. Used as a textbook in many Architecture programs. Highly recommended!!

Readers should note: local and state laws prohibit persons from performing and/or providing architecture or architecture-like services unless they hold a license as an Architect. Not intended to be guide for "do-it-yourself-architect".


A Visual Dictionary of Architecture  - by Francis D. Ching
Soft cover, 318 pgs., Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Visual guide to building components and methods. Good Resource for students and architecture enthusiasts looking for common architecture and construction terminology. Improve your basic architecture literacy with this reference. Excellent illustrations, solid graphics. Good Reference book for architecture students, interior design students and architecture enthusiasts. Recommended!!

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A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction  -
by Christopher Alexander, S. Ishikawa, M. Silverstein.
Hardcover, 1216 pgs., Publisher: Oxford University Press

From " 'A Pattern Language' offers a practical language for building and planning based on natural considerations. The reader is given an overview of some 250 patterns that are the units of this language, each consisting of a design problem, discussion, illustration, and solution. By understanding recurrent design problems in our environment, readers can identify extant patterns in their own design projects and use these patterns to create a language of their own. Extraordinarily thorough, coherent, and accessible, this book has become a bible for homebuilders, contractors, and developers who care about creating healthy, high-level design."

I was lucky to have co-author Sara Ishikawa serve on my Thesis committee in grad school. She's a great architect, and an even better person. Excellent book for students and design novices.


Architectural Periodicals - Industry Journals for Professionals & Architecture Enthusiasts
Fine Homebuilding  - Magazine
1 year subscription.

Fine Journal for those with some construction and technical background. Solid magazine for contractors and advanced do-it-yourselfers.

Architectural Record  - Magazine
1 year Subscription

Industry standard journal for licensed Architects, architectural historians, planners & academics. Some of the world's best architectural design is showcased in this journal. Award-winning professional photography.

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This Old House  - Magazine
1 year Subscription

From the popular PBS and syndicated Television Series.
Good beginners resource for home construction and renovation.

Architecture Links

AEC Info Center - Architecture, Engineering & Construction resources.
Architectural Record - International Journal of Architecture.
Architecture PODCASTS - KCRW in California Broadcasts various Talk/Interview content on Art, Culture, Architecture, New Technology & Forward Looking Design Trends.[ ]
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
About - Nice online resource on the topic of Architecture. If you know little about construction & architecture fields, start here.
Chicago Architecture Foundation - Has LOADS of info, great (national and international) links and resources!!
Great Buildings of the World - Searchable database of famous buildings and Architects. Great resources for architecture enthusiasts and students!!
DWELL Magazine - Innovative magazine for people building affordably and for those who want something other than the uninspired designs offered by suburban residential developers and builders. Smart & Stylish !
Floor Coverings & Tile - 1st quality, Name-Brand Carpeting, Floor & Wall Tile, Wood Flooring, Granite & marble counters at 10-50% Off Retail Prices. Too many products offered to list.
Home Portfolio - A to Z Products for Your Home. Furniture, lighting, kitchen/bath, hardware ( but beware, you'll pay retail costs at this site!) -Electronic Home Automation - Cool products to make your house Jetson-like.

IAWA - International Archive of Women in Architecture.
Metropolis - NY Magazine of Architecture, Art and Design. Has great articles on design & urban planning.
So You Want to Be an Architect ? - NCARB's General Info Pages for Students considering the Architecture Profession.
Prairie Avenue Books - Very Good Architectural Bookstore (for pros & non-pros alike). A solid resource for students and architecture enthusiasts. Engineering, Planning, Landscape Architecture & Industrial Design topics abound. Check them out !! - RoadsidePeek is a fabulous site for anyone interested in iconoclastic architecture and the built landscape from past decades. Fabulous collection of signage from the 40s thru early 70s. Great links to other "roadside" architecture sites.
Bronzecomm - Visit Chicago's Historic Bronzeville Neighborhood. Info, facts, videos.. - Nice site for all things designed.

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Miscellaneous Links

Links Just 'cause I Like Them:

iGive - Free Service that Donates a Portion of your Online Purchases to Your Favorite Charity. Get a tax deduction when you shop at,, Dell, Office Max, Land's End, and dozens more!! You were going to shop anyway, so why not get a tax-deduction? Do the right thing. Plus, it's free ! !
Apple Computer - See the new Intel Macs which can run Mac OS, Linux & Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. So compatibility is not an issue. You can run Windows programs on a Macintosh.
CU-SeeMe VideoConferencing - Free software from Cornell University. Works Like a charm!!

Elements of Style - Wm. Strunk's Reference on English composition and style. Web Masters, journalists, and copywriters would benefit by visiting this page. The Internet is a cesspool of grammatical errors. I will do my part by rewriting my page in the near future.
Here Is NewYork - Web site devoted to photographs of NY's World Trade Center -- both before and after Sept. 11th, 2001. Photos are for sale on the web site. Proceeds go to victims affected by 9/11 events. A compelling collection of 1000s of images.[ Parental Advisory].
Not So Big House - Award winning site from Architect Sarah Susanka. Mies was right-- sometimes less is more. - Info on the digital music revolution. Free music. I want my MP3!
Personal Success Radio - Business Strategies For CEOs and Entrepreneurs (only).  Also []
Pro Source Flooring - Buy 1st quality flooring and tile products at 10-50% off retail.  Over 20,000 products. No obligation to buy. No membership fees.

Salon Magazine - Interesting Webzine.
Valentines Day   - web page. Has a cool little movie.

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